My Next Comeback

It’s been quite some time since my last blog post, but I’m ready to break the silence.  It’s no secret that 2016 got off to quite a rocky start for me, and it has been that way up until just a few weeks ago.  Between losing a loved one, family stress, and work-related stress, I was in a complete whirlwind, and I was quickly losing sight of everything I once knew.  Exhaustion to the max!  Everyone says that working out helps relieve stress, and while that is true, sometimes the stress is so great that you don’t have an ounce of physical or mental strength to do it.  At least that’s the pit I fell in to, along with caving in to one of my former bad habits – stress eating.  Nearly 15 pounds gained and about as out of shape as I have been in years, I no longer recognized the woman looking back at me in the mirror.  However, I recently found the courage and strength to close the chapter on my so far disastrous 2016, and I’m ready for my next comeback.  I’m ready to fill this chapter with some amazing stories.  And, while this chapter may not include some of those goals I set for myself back at the start of the year, I’m determined to make this one of my best comebacks yet.



Finding Joy

As race week approached, there was definitely a different vibe in the air.  There’s something that I just love about the week leading up to a race.  This past week was different, though.  I was registered to run the Rock ‘N’ Roll Raleigh Marathon, but with my inconsistent training, I knew that running the marathon would be risky.  All week (and even the night before the race) I went back and forth with with my decision.  Would I take a chance and run the marathon or would I play it safe and run the half?  What kind of goals would I set since I hadn’t really focused on speed as I was just trying to safely build mileage?  I’m such a goal-oriented person that, for me, going into a race without a goal just didn’t seem like an option.  However, some how, some way, I managed to convince myself to just run the half and run it just for fun.  I told myself to focus on enjoying the moment,  the scenery, the people, the fact that I get to run, and most importantly, run every mile for my #IR4 buddy, Sadie.

The outcome?  I had the most amazing time.  I can’t remember ever having that much fun in a race.  My heart was so full of joy from the moment I crossed the start line to the moment that I crossed the finish.  I was thankful for every mile I was able to run, even the ones with the big hills.  I was reminded that being an athlete requires hard work, but playing hard and having fun is equally as important.  Goals are great, but finding joy in what we do is what it’s all about!  #findthejoy