Finding Joy

As race week approached, there was definitely a different vibe in the air.  There’s something that I just love about the week leading up to a race.  This past week was different, though.  I was registered to run the Rock ‘N’ Roll Raleigh Marathon, but with my inconsistent training, I knew that running the marathon would be risky.  All week (and even the night before the race) I went back and forth with with my decision.  Would I take a chance and run the marathon or would I play it safe and run the half?  What kind of goals would I set since I hadn’t really focused on speed as I was just trying to safely build mileage?  I’m such a goal-oriented person that, for me, going into a race without a goal just didn’t seem like an option.  However, some how, some way, I managed to convince myself to just run the half and run it just for fun.  I told myself to focus on enjoying the moment,  the scenery, the people, the fact that I get to run, and most importantly, run every mile for my #IR4 buddy, Sadie.

The outcome?  I had the most amazing time.  I can’t remember ever having that much fun in a race.  My heart was so full of joy from the moment I crossed the start line to the moment that I crossed the finish.  I was thankful for every mile I was able to run, even the ones with the big hills.  I was reminded that being an athlete requires hard work, but playing hard and having fun is equally as important.  Goals are great, but finding joy in what we do is what it’s all about!  #findthejoy




One thought on “Finding Joy

  1. When the fun disappears, it is time to question where we are at, why we are doing what we do, and figure out a plan to reconnect with the “fun factor.” I’m SO GLAD you found the joy!! 🙂

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