Get REAL with Ora Organic!

As a new year quickly approaches, my Facebook and Twitter feeds are quickly becoming filled with the dreaded New Year’s resolutions about working out and losing weight.  Now, don’t get me wrong here.  I want nothing more than for all people, but especially those I consider friends, to find happiness and optimal health in the new year.  The reality, though, is that many of them will go about it the wrong way, fail, and then give up.  What a lot of people don’t understand, in my opinion, is that what we put in our bodies has a direct correlation to how our body breaks it down, digests it, and then uses it to power us through the day – how we feel throughout the day.  Just because a package or wrapper has buzz words like “low-fat, low calorie, or fat-free” doesn’t mean it’s actually good for you.  I’m not a scientist, but over the past few years of participating in endurance sports, I’ve really started “listening” to my body.  And what does my body tell me, you ask?  “Quit the s***.”  Simple, yet powerful.

So, as the new year approaches for me, yes, I’ve got goals.  And, although, I think I eat pretty clean, I know there’s room for improvement.  I’m always looking for the best ways to supplement my diet with all the nutrients it needs to sustain a day in the life of an elementary teacher and endurance athlete.

Enter Ora Organic, my most recent find, and one I’m pretty pumped about.  As much as I hate to do this, I have to give a shout out to those obnoxious and annoying ads that pop up on the side of my Facebook feed, because that’s where I first saw Ora.  No joke.  And, when I saw the ad, the only reason I actually clicked on it was because I wanted to see what kind of new company was running the latest and greatest buzz-word filled health scam.  You know, the usual…”buy this and lose 10 pounds because it’s healthy and filled with wholesome goodness.”  To my surprise, that isn’t what I found at all.

When I landed on the Ora Organic website, the first thing I saw was this video (must watch it, even if you don’t find the humor in it, there’s legit info. everyone needs to see):

I admit.  They hooked me with the video, which made me stick around and continue exploring their site.  The more I looked around, the more I liked what I saw.

Nutrients come from food.
Not artificial chemicals.


We make nutrients. Not supplements. What’s the difference?
Supplements are typically made of synthetic chemical concoctions.
Our products are sustainably sourced from food. It’s that simple really.

If the above quote doesn’t make sense to you, take the time to start educating yourself, especially if you’re looking to build a better you in 2016.

Okay, back to Ora and their products.  As of now, Ora offers: Organic Probiotics + Prebiotics, Organic Superfood Protein, and Plant-based Omega-3 Spray.  According to their website, an organic, plant-based multi-vitamin is in the works, too (heck yeah)!  After exploring their website from end to end, I was pretty stoked about what I had read.  The company.  Their values.  Everything seemed to have me screaming “yes, Yes, YES.”  But, would their products live up to the hype?  Well, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been testing out their Way Better than Whey Superfood Protein, and I love it!

Most companies who truly care about health and what we put in our bodies, also care about the environment.  Upon my package’s arrival, it was obvious that Ora is in it to win it – for the earth and its inhabitants.


Packaging done right.


That little pamphlet is packed with some pretty powerful information.  Almost as powerful as the products themselves.

So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.  Why protein and why Ora’s protein? Well, to tell you the truth, Ora says it best, so I’m just gonna put this awesome link right here and hope you click on it to get the scoop.


Simple.  No pictures of puffed up body-builders here.  Just one way Ora keeps it REAL.


Look at those ingredients.  That’s right.  Don’t be shocked if you can actually read all of the ingredients and you know what they all are!  Just another way Ora keeps it REAL.

Now, I’m sure many of you are wondering about the taste, consistency, etc.  Because, let’s be honest.  Some companies produce good health products that taste like the cardboard box they ship them in.  That, of course, leaves a sour taste in your mouth (literally) when it comes to eating healthy or taking supplements.  Not Ora.  Honestly. Ora has an in-house chef, who helps to create delicious [plant-based, not synthetic crap] concoctions so you get great stuff for your body and your tastebuds!

Ora’s superfood protein flavor is vanilla chai, which I found to be quite delightful and it mixes well with other flavors so you can create you own protein-packed drinks or foods.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve tested the superfood protein with an unsweetened almond milk, as well as in this awesome recipe I found on Ora’s blog: Spiced Pear Smoothie.  My favorite concoction, though, has to be my own creation.  I don’t have a name for it, but here’s what I put together:

  • 8 oz. unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 scoops of Ora Organic superfood protein
  • 4 oz. of organic yerba mate (unsmoked loose-leaf, steeped and brewed in a french press)

Just blend together or mix in a shaker and – Voila!  You’ve got yourself a warm, protein-packed drink with an energy boost (think chai latte but with a kick)!!

Overall, I have nothing negative to say about Ora’s superfood protein.  The flavor is just right – not too much, not too little.  I will say that I found the protein powder mixed better in 12 oz. of fluid vs. just 8 oz.  As far as pricing goes, $39.00 for 20 servings of nothing but REAL, wholesome, organic plant-based nutrition is extremely fair.

So, as the new year approaches and you find yourself pondering weight loss, health, nutrition, or working out, get REAL about it.  Check out Ora Organics and take time to really read and think about the information presented.  If you like what you see, then give ’em a try.  I doubt you’ll be disappointed!

This post is not endorsed by Ora Organic.  All opinions expressed are my own two cents.





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