On the Bench

Nineteen weeks of Ironman training are officially in the books…and so is the first injury of 2015.  Heading into week 20 of training, I’ve officially put myself on the bench, at least for a few days.  It’s one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make, but considering the pain I’m in, I know it has to be done.  Yes, I’m one of those athletes that can say “I saw this coming” but I’m also that athlete that believes if you don’t speak of it, it’s not true.  And yes, that’s why I am where I am right now.  Some lessons are hard to learn.  That I can admit to.  Confessions of a triathlete…..

A few weeks ago I started having some lower back pain.  I thought nothing of it. After all, I’ve always had a little lower back issue since I was hit by a car on a bike ride back in 2010. No biggie, I thought, so I continued to follow my training plan and started stretching more.  A few days later, the pain increased and there was a tightness in my back after workouts.  Once again, I didn’t think anything of it.  After all, my back felt perfectly fine during my training sessions.  Surely this will work itself out, I thought.

Fast forward a week or so.  Now the back pain was creeping in to my training.  Nothing too bad but definitely noticeable here or there during my rides and runs.  I said nothing to my training partner, aka the hubs.  Again, If I didn’t say it out loud, it wasn’t a big deal and it wasn’t a real injury or problem.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Well, that is until now…because I can barely move.

So, why didn’t I go to the doctor? I’ve avoided the doctor (until now) because I feel like the only thing she’ll want to do is write me 50 prescriptions for medications that will only mask the issue, and I’m not a fan of medications. And yes, if I went to the doctor I was admitting that I had an injury.  Excuse #2 is stupid, I admit, but I suppose I haven’t learned how to set my tiny ego aside.  So, my current plan of action is chiropractic care and essential oils.  If I’m not feeling relief in a day or two, I will certainly visit my doctor because Ironman 70.3 Raleigh is 20 days away and I’d rather toe the starting line and not have my best day than not toe the line at all.


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