Halfway There!

Today’s 10 mile run wrapped up week 15 of my IM training.  Halfway there!  It’s hard to believe how much time has passed!  My training, up to this point, has certainly been filled with highs and lows, as I’m sure the last 15 weeks will be, too.  It’s all part of the journey.  Luckily, this week has been a week of solid training, a week where things just clicked.  I’m hoping this will be just the motivation I need to help me continue to push through as the training intensifies and hours increase.  If not, there’s always this:


Nothing like a good dose of reality!  It’s amazing how a simple screenshot can bring about so many emotions.  I love knowing that in less than 50 days I will kick off my triathlon season.  I HEART the 70.3 distance!  And, I’m actually excited to see just what my body can (or can’t) do with racing two IMs less than 80 days apart.  Anything is possible! Anything.


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