Positive Thinking


Nine weeks of training are now behind me. I’ve only got one more week of training in “base” phase and then things start getting real.  For those of you not familiar with Ironman training, many people refer to their training by phases. My particular training plan is divided into 3 main chunks: a base, build, and peak phase.  Each phase of training is 10 weeks long with the workouts progressing in intensity and duration.  I’m a believer that it’s all about that BASE when it comes to making healthy gains and staying injury free in the later phases of training, and looking back over the past nine weeks, I’m feeling pretty confident in the foundation I’ve put down so far.  Well, with the exception of this past week, that is.  Week 9.  It was THE week of mental fatigue.  I won’t lie.  I skipped several workouts this week.  Excuses?  I’ve got a list a mile long, but they’re just that…excuses.  They’re not even good ones either.  In all honesty, I just didn’t have the drive; I just did NOT want to work out.  I was MENTALLY tired.

The scary thing for me is I usually don’t have one of these weeks until well into my “build” phase of training.  So, needless to say, this is sitting with me and weighing on me pretty heavily.  Thankfully, this is also not my first time training for an Ironman.  I know that if I just change my thinking, things will start to turn around for me and I’ll find that drive again.  I have to focus on the positives that have happened in training so far and build on that.  In an effort to clear my mind, I’ve decided to make a list of my “positives” so that I can refocus my thinking for the weeks ahead.  Here’s just a few items on my list so far:

  •  I am healthier today than I was when I started triathlon.  I started triathlon in 2012 weighing just over 160 lbs.  Today I weigh 127 lbs.
  • I am injury-free so far.  There’s nothing holding me back. (I was scared to even type this…hopefully I didn’t jinx myself)
  •  Despite slacking in my workouts this past week, I still managed to keep my diet focused (okay…I did have a vegan cupcake but I didn’t even eat the whole thing…I left a few bites)
  • This coming week is the first week of March which means SOAS Racing Ambassador gear is shipping AND I also ordered some of the newly released 2015 designs and they are shipping out as well.  And yes, this is a positive.  When you look good, you feel good!

So…what do you do when you have a week where workouts don’t go your way or you slack off a little (or a lot)?  What motivates you to get back on track?



One thought on “Positive Thinking

  1. Good job getting thought eh first 9 weeks. You will get your mojo back and be ready for week 10!

    For me, the weather has been a huge factor in my slacking. That and the lack of waves ( I am a surfer). I live along the Texas coast, and we are extremely spoiled… so this cold, rainy, foggy, gray weather with a flat ocean is seriously a downer and harshing with my mood. But!!! today the sun has finally come out and I am heading out for a run. AND, we are expecting some waves in the next few days. It’s all good!


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