Finding My Groove

I’m nearing the end of week 3 of my training for Ironman Canada, and quite frankly, I feel like I’ve sorta lost my workout groove.  I’ve missed a few training sessions this week.  Three or four to be exact. YIKES!  I’ve learned from my previous trainings for ironman races that base phase is key, so the fact that I’ve not exactly been “on it” this week kind of freaks me out a little.  It’s too early in the game to be missing workouts.  So what’s the problem??  I’ve asked myself this very question.  Several times, in fact, during my 2-hour trainer ride today, which went surprisingly well.  It’s not like this is my first (or second) time training for an IM.  For some reason, though, I’m struggling to find that balance between work and training this time around.  Forget having a life.  That’s not in the equation.  Not yet, at least.  I’m sure nearly any working person who has trained for any type of race, but especially an endurance race, can relate.  But, I can’t help but think that if my job were easier, training would be easier, too.

Being a teacher is tough business.  Mentally and physically.  Between the hours of 7:30 am and 5:00 pm (yes, I’m sure these hours may be surprising to some) I may get to sit down for a total of 50 minutes, and that includes my lunch time.  I don’t even get to use the restroom whenever I want (or need) to.  I’m an elementary music teacher, so that means that aside from teaching music, I also tie shoes, fix zippers on coats, put barrettes back in hair, give hugs, wipe tears, teach manners, attend meetings, plan lessons, make hundreds of decisions in a matter of minutes….the list goes on.  Oh, and I have over 100 students ranging from kindergarten to 5th grade that I see each day.


Don’t get me wrong.  I love what I do. That’s why I do it! But after teaching all day, sometimes I just want to go home and shut down for a solid 30 minutes before I work out.  And there it is.  The problem.  Once I sit down, I sometimes lose the motivation I need to get back up.

So, the solution seems simple.  Don’t sit down.  Work then work out.  Then sit.  Now, can I actually follow through and do this??  We shall see….


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